Billie at Meez On Plus

I met Billie when I was helping out at a function at Adelaide Museum for Warndu back in March.

Over two days, we worked just under 30 hours together and clicked. This is what happens when you're in Hospitality (especially our generation lol) we were trained hard and worked hard and we hit it off instantly.

While I was marinating emu and Billie was blanching Warrigal greens, I found out that she grew up in Birchip (which is just over an hour from my hometown). It's very rare that you meet people that know Dimboola or have grown up near there so that was very cool. She said was organizing a function at Birchip. I was like, “I'm in, I'll help if you need it!” She was like “Hell yeah!” - Any opportunity for me to work with other chefs or foods in a function, I'm in, I am forever learning and I love watching other people's techniques and it stimulates my creativity. It's the best!

So just after midnight on a Saturday night in May, I had driven back into Dimboola from QLD after doing a function For the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation, I slept and then after lunch drove over to Birchip, to a sell-out event. I was running on adrenaline. It was awesome, I arrived after 2 pm, the function was set up in the football club rooms and had a vast array of different products and pieces to showcase. When I arrived I started slicing up the Damper with Aunty, Jackie was assembling the desserts she had designed so I jumped on to help her. Billie’s husband was Kitchen "dishy" and was doing a fabulous job, Billie’s brother was all over the pork and kangaroo and Billie was putting finishing touches to all the elements of the function she had put together.

The menu consisted of locally caught Red Fin in Tom Yum Broth & Desert Lime, Fresh Saltbush Pappardelle and Salt & Pepper Crocodile, Braised Pork Belly with Muntries, Succulents & Sea Parsley, Wattleseed Crusted Kangaroo with Warrigals and Quandon & Lemon Myrtle Parfait to finish. Bloody delicious!!!  - I only made it to the serving up of the Kangaroo and I was knackered. Billie and her amazing staff had it all under control anyway. I had to make the trek home as it was a bit of a drive and had classes in the morning. What another awesome adventure.

To top the night off I was lucky enough to meet Stephano from Mildura, was fangirling a bit, I remember going to his restaurant in my early 20's and wanted to work for him then.

Billie and I will have a few other events coming up in the future, these have been stopped because of border restrictions and lockdowns, however, I am looking forward to getting back into the kitchen with this fabulous human!

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