VET Students' First Dinner of 2022

All of it comes together in the end. This is the part of my job I love the most. Getting students used to the fact that the teaching style is different from the regular high school classroom.

 In addition, they are actually building skills that will be used in the workplace.

Wednesday morning, I began at 9, still recovering from COVID and my head was extremely foggy. It was best for me to come in and set up the student benches and start the pasta dough and bread dough. I wasn't with the students the week before since I was with the Rona. I received a message from one of my students at 9:30 saying she was ill and unable to attend class.

One of my first years showed up half an hour early (legendary) so he got to choose what dish to make. He decided on potato and leek ravioli. Then he got changed and started chopping the leeks. 

At 12 o'clock, the chefs arrive. Some chefs had to be reminded that if I say start at 12, you are dressed and ready to go by 11:57.

Each recipe had two students. Students, family members, friends or teaching staff made up 65 of the people who stayed with us.

The quinces dropped off and I made a double decadent chocolate tart to complement the beautiful poached fruit. 

As part of their poultry unit, the second year focused on Coq au vin. 

During the cooking process, I taught one of the first years how to clean the beef cheeks and he observed the breakdown of the meat. 

As soon as the mains were finished, I took the students to the restaurant, introduced them, and they were applauded. Afterwards, students hung out with family for 7 minutes before they were brought back into the kitchen to plate desserts and clean up. 

It is so rewarding for anyone learning to receive instant positive/constructive feedback. When learning about food, it invites a whole other level of connectedness and engagement. 

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