Are you a camper or a glamper?

Me? I am a camper, but if the extra items are there to turn it into glamping I'll embrace the opportunity. 

Our childhood holidays were always camping, as kids, we were left to our own devices, we'd go exploring and use our imagination to entertain ourselves, build cubby houses, spend all day in the water, go exploring. Our parents would only see us when our tummies were rumbling and ready for a snag and sauce.

In the last set of September holidays, our area was still tight with restrictions. Traveling far was out of the question. So, we asked a friend if we could camp on his property near a billabong and river and he was happy to allow us to be there. 

Being a large family (mainly kids) and having acres of property to base our camp on we made use of the space. We were set to forget about society for a few days.  I borrowed a fold-out camper and had a niece and nephew bunk in with me. Then there was a caravan, a few swags, and a fold-out tent. A tarp made room with a dug-out hole and an old toilet stand over it. With the makings of toilet paper, sanitizer, and a shovel. The river is there to have a dip if needed. 

We had an old tire ring for our campfire, with a grill and a flat plate. 


What's your favorite camp food??

Mine, hands down, is a jaffle cooked in the old cast iron jaffle makers that have been used for years. You can taste the smokiness of the fire through the toasted goodness, even if it's only baked beans. Throw some tomato, seasoning, cheese and there you go. People pay over $10 for a jaffle and if it's a Reuben I reckon I would too! 

I also made the good old faithful damper/camping bread. My niece is always quick to ask when are we cooking?

S/R flour, liquid, and sugar and make a dough and cook in a vessel in the fire and bam! served with golden syrup and western star butter and camping is now complete. My stepdad likes to use beer for his liquid for an afternoon bread that would also go well with a stew that has been cooking on the fire all day. 

Other items made were potato cakes, vegetable patties, toad in the hole, and BBQs.

In my collection of The Good Cook, I also have an outdoor cooking book which I will start utilizing a bit more to get some inspiration to cook over the fire. See what other interesting dishes we can come up with. 

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