Day 2 Journey from Broome to Fitzroy Crossing

The adventure continued on the second day of our journey from Broome to Fitzroy Crossing. For me, a visitor from Victoria, the time difference had me up bright and early at 3:30 am, eager to embrace the day ahead.

With the anticipation of a day filled with exploration, I decided to make the most of my early start.

As the first rays of the sun began to paint the sky with hues of orange and pink, I ventured out for a  walk around the beautiful coastal town of Broome. 

My first stop was at the Good Cartels, a charming local café that beckoned with the irresistible aroma of freshly brewed coffee. A steaming cup of coffee, a refreshing juice, and a hearty serving of granola provided the fuel I needed for the day ahead. With breakfast enjoyed, I strolled back along the pristine beach, letting the soft sand massage my feet with every step.

Back at the accommodation, it was time to repack my bag in preparation for the next leg of our journey. But before hitting the road, there were a few errands to run around Broome. We needed to gather supplies for the adventure, including the essentials: barramundi, extra plates, and groceries. These were going to be the building blocks of our culinary journey through the Kimberley region.

Our team was not complete without the addition of Yoda and Liz from Fervor Food. With everything collected, picked up our friends and set out for Fitzroy Crossing, a remote outpost nestled 400 kilometers away. The road stretched endlessly ahead of us, and we took turns behind the wheel, each one of us eager to soak in the rugged beauty of the Australian outback.

Along the way, we passed grazing cattle, a reminder that this land was as wild as it was breathtaking. 

As the sun began its descent toward the horizon, we arrived safe and sound at Fitzroy Crossing. Our accommodation for the night was in the workers' units, cozy little rooms equipped with all the necessities for our stay. And a beautiful hamper full of goodies from our friend Marcel. 

After a quick debrief and the formation of a plan of action for the following day, we retired to our rooms. Rest was paramount to ensure we were fully charged for another day of exploring and foraging in this unique and captivating corner of Australia.

With the night embracing us, we drifted into slumber, eagerly anticipating the surprises and discoveries that awaited us on the third day of our epic journey. The Kimberley region was proving to be a treasure trove of experiences, and we were determined to savor every moment of it. Stay tuned for the next chapter of our adventure as we continue our culinary exploration of the Kimberley.


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