Day 3: Culinary Foraging Adventure in Fitzroy Crossing

The sun had already painted the Kimberley sky with its golden hues as I woke up on Wednesday, the third day of our adventure in Fitzroy Crossing. The anticipation of the day ahead filled me with excitement.

With the clock showing 5:30 am, it was time to embrace another day of culinary exploration.

Our first destination was the school kitchen, where we unpacked and familiarized ourselves with the equipment we would be using. The mobile kitchen had also arrived, which would soon be transported to the rodeo area for Friday night's dinner event. The anticipation of the grand feast we would prepare there was building.

We were then taken to the camp kitchen, a unique setup housed within shipping containers. This was where we would source our meals during our stay—a testament to the resourcefulness and innovation of the local community.

Around 8:30 am, we picked up AJ, our guide and partner in this foraging adventure, and set out into the country. Our first stop led us to collect cluster figs and bird flowers near one of the impressive gorges. The rugged terrain and pristine natural surroundings added to the thrill of our foraging.

Next, we ventured towards limestone-rich areas in search of bush tomatoes. The recent flooding had disrupted the usual timing of produce.

Our journey then took us to a serene billabong, where freshwater crocs lazily basked in the sun, and water lilies adorned the water's surface. The moment was nothing short of magical, and my friend Liz even plucked a water lily for me to taste. I wasnt game enough to go in the water. The delicate flavor was a revelation, adding yet another unforgettable experience to our culinary adventure.

As the day progressed, we started a campfire, and AJ showcased his skills by catching Cherbin, creatures resembling a cross between yabbies and prawns. We collected around 70 of these delicacies, but temptation got the better of us, and we couldn't resist tasting some. Four Cherbin went straight onto the coals of the fire, and the taste was a revelation—sucking the head was akin to savoring an egg yolk.

In a heartwarming gesture, some community members dropped off barramundi and bush chook for us to use in Friday night's event, a true reflection of the Kimberley's warm hospitality.

As dusk descended upon us, we made our way back to Fitzroy Crossing, dropping off AJ before returning to the school kitchen to prepare and store the treasures we had collected. After collecting our dinner from the bush kitchen, we retreated to our cozy rooms to sit, debrief, and savor the flavors of the day.

With bellies full of gratitude and delicious discoveries, we drifted into a well-deserved sleep, knowing that another day of culinary wonders and preparation awaited us tomorrow. Stay tuned as our Fitzroy Crossing adventure continues to unfold, one delightful taste at a time

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