First Luncheon of 2024

Yesterday marked the commencement of our home luncheons for the year 2024, albeit with a small hiccup - a typo on the table menus indicating 2023.Which if you havent noticed with my typing and spelling there will always be mistakes.

I will stick with food haha. 

We decided to kick off the luncheon half an hour earlier due to the anticipated weather, which was expected to reach around 34 degrees. This precaution was taken to ensure the comfort of our guests, whether seated under the verandah, in the backyard, or beneath the sprawling trees in the driveway.

The delectable menu featured a fusion of bush flavors and seasonal ingredients, all sourced from my garden and other trusted suppliers:

  • Saltbush bread and Irish soda bread with Dimboola olive oil and bush dukkah
  • Saltbush arancini
  • Potato cake with zucchini relish and lemon myrtle emulsion
  • Fusilli with tomatoes, Warrigal greens, and macadamia pesto
  • Bush dukkah goat salad with chickpeas and hummus
  • Bush oregano-infused Geraldton wax porchetta with baked zucchini, lemon myrtle emulsion, Kohlrabi remoulade, and Karkalla salad
  • Grilled peaches and peach sorbet with Quandong and Wattleseed delice Cake

All the ingredients were meticulously selected, with a vegetable box from Lagom Farm contributing kohlrabi, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, spring onions, leeks, and beetroot. The culinary journey continued with goat mince from a local farm, sourced chickpeas from Wimmera Grain Centre to make the hummus and grilled chickpeas. We were also lucky with a generous box of goodies from our friend Crikey Tucker. It included samphire, which we paired with the potato cakes, Karkalla served with a simple lemon vinaigrette alongside the pork, and River Mint and Munyeroo, complementing the dessert plate.

The kitchen was abuzz with activity, thanks to the incredible efforts of my team. Kylie worked her magic with finesse, while Kristie added the perfect touches to the dishes. Alongside my niece, we seamlessly managed the tables, ensuring that every guest experienced a delightful day.

The luncheon provided an opportunity to showcase the flourishing garden through a captivating tour, explaining the inspiration behind each dish. With the garden in its prime, the day was truly beautiful, filled with food love.

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