Embracing Zucchini Season

As we continue to revel in the abundance of zucchini season, it's worth exploring the versatility of this humble vegetable.

During my food journey, zucchinis were often overlooked, overshadowed by other more glamorous ingredients. However, since cultivating my own garden over the past few years, zucchinis have become an integral part of my home restaurant and catering jobs, particularly during this time of year.

From stuffed zucchinis to refreshing salads like zucchini, apple, and Muntrie with a zesty lemon myrtle emulsion, these versatile vegetables take centre stage in my menus. Fortunately, zucchinis are readily available and affordable at local markets, supermarkets, and vegetable stalls, making them accessible to everyone and with a bit of creativity, you can transform zucchinis into delectable dishes such as crispy zucchini fritters, hearty zucchini frittatas, or baked zucchinis seasoned with herbs from your pantry or garden.


For those lucky enough to have access to zucchini flowers, they offer a delicacy worth savouring. Stuff them and deep fry for a stunning dish that's sure to impress. Though, I often find myself wishing for more of these delicate blooms, especially during our lunches.

To prolong the enjoyment of zucchinis, store them in the crisper of your fridge. If you wish to preserve some for later use, blanching and squeezing out excess liquid before freezing can help maintain their quality.



For those seeking culinary inspiration, our recipe section features delightful creations such as zucchini and cheese soufflés, a quick and easy midweek spaghetti video starring zucchini, and the refreshing zucchini, apple, and Muntrie salad.

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