Two Events in One Weekend

When you embrace the opportunity to participate in events, incredible experiences often unfold. Late last year, amid our plans to attend the barefoot waterskiing competition, we found ourselves committed to a 150km event on Saturday. With the workload looming large, I made the tough call to skip the barefoot food stall. Our focus was on the 150km event, a celebration of local producers and their offerings within a 150km radius. We committed to serving 320 plates featuring two courses that highlighted the beauty of our region.

As the event approached, a last-minute call from a friend changed our plans. A food vendor had dropped out of the barefoot waterskiing event, a vital community gathering. Unable to refuse due to our friend's support throughout the year, we agreed to participate. Crafting a menu suited for the occasion, we prepared saltbush lamb tacos, corn chips with tomato and zucchini salsa, porchetta with polenta chips and warrigal green salsa verde, alongside our signature saltbush arancini and warrigal green croquettes.

Setting up under a newly constructed canopy, we encountered an unexpected challenge: gusty winds rendered our deep fryers unsafe. Quick thinking and the assistance of another friend resulted in a makeshift windbreak, enabling us to operate safely. Despite wrapping up at 10 pm and packing up with the help of friends, the post-event cleanup felt daunting.

Saturday morning arrived, and with it, the final preparations for the 150km event. Despite fatigue setting in, we soldiered on, ensuring everything was immaculate for the day ahead. By midday, the kitchen was pristine, and a well-deserved nap beckoned.

Arriving in Horsham around 4 pm with our trusty coolroom in tow, we joined forces with other staff members and volunteers. With the warmth of camaraderie fueling us, we got down to business. The first challenge: heating nearly 40 kg of shredded goat previously braised to perfection. Sourcing additional equipment and firing up the barbecues, we embarked on a character building journey.

Our first dish, featuring lemon myrtle and honey labne with fresh figs and blackberries topped with shredded goat and macadamia saltbush crumb, set the tone. With my team expertly plating, I focused on heating the goat, while another chef led her team in preparing the first course.

As we plated up our geraldton wax porchetta with quandong and pear chutney, wattleseed carrots, and warrigal green salsa verde, the pace intensified. Amidst the flurry, a friend lent a hand, embodying the spirit of teamwork. Despite a mishap with hot pork juice, my resolve remained unwavering. The last plate went out, marking the culmination of a fabulous weekend celebrating seasonal ingredients.

Sunday brought a food festival at the 150km event, offering a chance to relax with cheerful cocktails and sample other vendors' creations. Exhausted but content, I retired early Sunday evening, reflecting on the whirlwind of culinary delights and camaraderie that defined the weekend.


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